how to change axis labels excel

At first you might think that Excel changed the sort order of the axis labels. But, if you look closely, the order is the same. The first value is plotted next to the origin, and … ... More

how to connect 8 ohm speakers to amp

28/10/2017 · Dear All, I have 6 Ohm speakers and a tube integrated amp with 4 and 8 Ohm speaker terminals. How am I supposed to connect the speakers, to 4 or to 8 Ohm terminals? ... More

how to avoid being too sensitive in a relationship

Photo by Dean Zobec. While emotionally sensitive people are more vulnerable to depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder, too often being emotionally sensitive is pathologized. ... More

how to stay clean camp no shower

Keeping Clean on Family Camping Trips Keeping dirty hands and faces clean can be a camping challenge A big concern that we have, when we are on a family camping trip, is keeping the kids clean throughout several days in the backcountry. ... More

how to change mazda 323 astina protoge headlight bulbs

Select The MAZDA 323 Year: Locate the correct year of your MAZDA 323 below: · 1986 - 1994 MAZDA 323 Headlight Bulbs. on Facebook All Headlight Bulbs come with a 12 Month Warranty and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! ... More

how to create account in google drive

If you don't have an account, then create one. Once you have signed into your account, click "My Drive" button located on the left side of the window. You will see all your photos & videos. ... More

how to cook mushrooms and onions

The Best Sauteed Mushrooms Onions Recipes on Yummly Italian Sauteed Mushrooms, Sauteed Mushrooms And Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms And Onions ... More

most common interview questions and how to answer them

By learning what employers are looking for when they ask common interview questions and then preparing answers for these, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of success. So before you find yourself in the interview hot seat, do anything and everything you can to prepare yourself for the oncoming interrogation. ... More

how to change gacha bang dream

I can't believe that Miss Popular Imai Lisa herself is the only none-vocalist with 6 4Stars, and the only girl (If I have calculated correctly) with 3 Lims. ... More

how to create road in revit

Question. I have drawn markings on a road and want them to follow the gradient of the slab as they disappear? Answer. Create a slope parameter for the family which will allow you rotate your component in … ... More

how to download on 9anime

How to Install 9Anime Kodi Repo? If you are seeking for downloading this excellent AddOn to your Kodi; you can easily download from its Cypher Locker repository available online. ... More

how to cook baked scallops with cheese

These quick and easy baked sea scallops are topped with panko breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese in a simple lemon-butter sauce. Baked Scallops. Scallops are one of my favorite foods, some of my popular scallop recipes are Seared Scallops over Risotto, Blackened Scallops with Horseradish Sauce, and Scallop Tostadas to name a few. ... More

how to create rediffmail account in windows phone

In the My Family control page (log back in from the Windows Phone website if you have logged out since setting up the My Family account), look for the childs name in the list of added child accounts and click on Change Settings next to it. ... More

how to download google chrome on windows 8 laptop

chrome for laptop free download - Google Chrome, Google Chrome (64-bit), Google Chrome Canary, and many more programs ... More

how to clean silver using baking soda

These ingredients can be used in other ways to clean in the house, so are more cost effective than buying ready-made silver cleaning chemicals. Vinegar - any cheap vinegar can be used. I use malt vinegar; I use it to clean lots of things around the home and it can … ... More

how to detect anxiety in toddlers

On a physiological point of view, there are several signs of anxiety which can be recognized in someone close to you, or within yourself. Anxiety is defined as a distressing feeling of doom and powerlessness. ... More

how to build a stud partition wall

How To Build A Stud Wall. Stud or Partition walls are standard in most properties these days because of there ease of construction and cost, it also makes the electrical and plumbing work easy. ... More

how to change netflix avatar on tv

Netflix bought the rights to the show and they are currently working on the next chapter of the series, set to be released in 2018. Rumor has it the new avatar will be twins and children of Desna! ... More

how to create wifi hotspot in city

Hope you all have enjoyed reading our post on How To Create WiFi Hotspot For Laptop / PC In Windows 10/7/8/8.1 for free. If you have some problems in creating Hotspot then kindly comment below and we would get back to you within 48 Hours. Don’t forget to share the post because sharing is caring. ... More

how to connect to vizio smart tv

solved viewing HP laptop on my New Vizio smart U hd tv. 2015, how to connect the two; solved No Audio when connected from HP laptop to Vizio Smart TV. ... More

how to add and remove programs windows 10

Add Or Remove Apps From The New Item Menu In File Explorer In Windows 10 Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER from the list Now expand the Software branch from the list. ... More

how to draw open door in agi32

The DORMA TS 73 EMF is a combination of hydraulic door closer and electromagnetic hold-open unit. In conjunction with an alarm / smoke detection system, the TS 73 EMF can be used as a hold-open / free swing door closer for fire and smoke check doors. ... More

how to clean gelcoat shower

Care and Cleaning Instructions: Never use abrasive pads/scourers or cleaners on the shower cubicle as this will scratch the surface Most non-abrasive shower cleaning products can be used on the gelcoat surface to clean and sanitise the shower cubicle ... More

how to change a keyboard from us to uk

... More

how to change stroke of shape in photoshop

Discover how to add strokes and fills to Shape Layers in Photoshop. Learn how to copy and paste shape attributes and merge shape layers to apply the same attributes to multiple shapes at one time. ... More

how to connect wifi bridge to router

Now reset your Wi-Fi connection to the SSID of the bridge router. You should be able to connect successfully, get an IP address through the primary router, and be able to connect to the Internet. You should also be able to connect a wired device to any of the LAN ports on the router … ... More

how to change shutter speed on canon rebel t5

The Exposure Meter will change as you adjust the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings, because each of these effects the amount of light in your photo. Manual Mode on EOS Rebel Series While Canon's Automatic modes get you beautiful results these three Creative Zone modes allow you to really control how your shots look. ... More

how to break up with a narcissist elephant journal

When the narcissist is a parent, by the time their children reach adulthood, the emotional abandonment, control, and criticism that they experienced growing up has negatively affected their self-esteem and capacity for achieving success or sustaining loving, intimate relationships. ... More

how to delete multiple bookmarks in safari

6/07/2010 Bottom screen of safari is a icon that looks like a book. Tap it it wil take you to your favorites/bookmarks. On that screen bottom left is the edit icon once you select that little red - will come up by each bookmark tap it you will see delete in red. Hope that helps! ... More

how to delete reimage protector

Im my opinion, systweak ASO is the best system cleanup and optimization software for Windows on the market. If you decide to give Advanced System Optimizer a try, make sure use the coupon code "ASO-20-SPECIAL" at checkout page to get $10 off . ... More

how to clean my krups coffee machine

This coffee machine was a 30th birthday gift from my wife. Due to its brand and high price we thought that we were getting a quality product that would last for many years justifying the investment. ... More

how to want to clean your room

3/11/2005 · If you are cleaning you might want to clean the the living room first because people see the living room before the rest of the interior. Washing powder is versatile: use it in cleaning ovens to remove grease, cleaning the bathroom as it is less abrasive and mix a handful with vacuum soap for a clean and fresh smell. ... More

how to create a development plan

How to create a career development plan template for your career. Now every business has a plan to start&run in future. Everybody create a plan to build a house without any problems to run in proper time. ... More

how to develop a personal development plan

When designing a personal development program, you must increase self-awareness, determine the things that are most important to you and commit to a plan of action that will transform your life. ... More

how to keep dog clean between baths

How To Get My Dog To Drink Water When Sick Is Neutering Your Dog Safe How Effective Is Trifexis For Ticks For Dogs Can A Paintball Gun Hurt A Dog Should Dogs Eat Grass When Sick Why Does My Dogs Skin Keep Turning Black Does Liquor Hurt Dogs Are Dogs Attracted To Certain Colors How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Grass What To Do When You Bring A Second Dog Home How Long Can A Dog ... More

how to catch evolved pokemon go

Dragonite is considered one of the strongest Pokemon currently in the game. However, in order to evolve into a Dragonite, you are first going to need Dratini. ... More

how to clean ceramic watch

I'm with Everdying, I personally wear my watch in the shower every time, especially after a sweaty workout. I lock the watch, then soap my arm making sure i get the watch under and over. Rinse it off then remove the watch. ... More

how to download facebook videos in pc online

Help you download online videos to PC (Windows 7/8/10), and also allow you to transfer videos from computer to your iOS device anytime you want. Enable you to download videos from most sites, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo etc, auto skipping pre-roll ads. Support all kinds of video formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV etc. It is efficient and free, just needing 3 steps. Also ... More

how to drive a 14 foot half cabin boat

The 17’ half cabin cruiser can carry a maximum of 6 people, or is a very comfortable 4 person boat. Fully upholstered with a bimni top to protect you from the sun, this comfortable cruiser is a fun way to explore the waterways or enjoy a days fishing. ... More

how to close a tac force speedster model knife

Tac Force Speedster Model: 4Inches Closed Length, Ti -Coated Handle, Ti -Coated Blade-Our tac force speedster model knife is a statement blade, with this knife, you become a God of sorts. When you walk into a room, everyone notices your presence, all ... More

how to connect ds lite to wifi hotspot

16/03/2011 the DS doesn't work in Ad Hoc. You need to convert your wifi ad hoc card into an Access Point card. Either your card's firmware officially allows the swap from Ad Hoc to Access Point anytime you want, either you have to use another firmware compatible with your card or use another Wifi Card. ... More

how to cook crab meat on the stove

Add the crab meat, water, black pepper, salt and ketchup. Gently stir. Cover pot and simmer on low heat until water reduced to gravy. Remove from heat and serve. Gently stir. Cover pot and simmer on low heat until water reduced to gravy. ... More

how to change cell number

First of all, in cell B2, enter the positive number for the negative number you have in cell A2. After that, come to cell B3 and press shortcut key Ctrl + E. At this point, in B column, you have all the numbers in the positive form. ... More

how to create a static page wordpress novemeber 2016

Here is a simple but elegant solution to display your WordPress recent posts with optional date on a static PHP or HTML page. Here is a simple but elegant solution to display your WordPress recent posts with optional date on a static PHP or HTML page. Skip to main content. Articles Projects Contact About. Search. Search. Display Your WordPress Recent Posts on a Static Page. February 12th ... More

how to build a house uk

Whether you choose to self build using your DIY skills or pay someone to manage the project for you, it will always be necessary to understand the specifics of how to build a house. ... More

how to add drips to fonts

So I was doing some reading on my Kindle Paperwhite last night and started to wonder if there was an easy way to add additional font choices to the list without jailbreaking and hacking. As it turns out, there is an easy way to add custom fonts to the Kindle Paperwhite. Basically all you need ... More

how to not bring stress from work home

With about 488,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015-16, facing up to the problem is an issue for employers and employees up and down the UK. ... More

how to appear inactive on facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger (or sometimes referred to as Messenger) is a free instant messaging service. It relies on a Facebook account to use, and allows free text and calls to other Facebook Messenger users. ... More

how to create a template in home inspector pro

Our website templates are pre-populated with content that most people would expect to be on a home inspector's website. This gives you a head start just in case you're stuck with writer's block. ... More

how to change your usern

(Following the original question, you would now change the user name to 'Jeremy'). You can also change the full name here, if you wish (but in my case the correct name has already been entered). I suppose that you can not leave the full name field empty. Close the window by clicking ... More

how to change brake pads holden barina

12/09/2012 · Sandpaper disc rotors, supply and fit new pads, replace calipers and wheels. Adjust handbrake. I was wondering if something happened here when playing with my brakes. ... More

how to create an automatic away message

16/09/2016 · You need to use message rules. If you do this, you will have to leave your computer on 24/7, be connected to the Internet, and have your e-mail program open. If you want do this anyway, the link below will explain how to do it. ... More

how to avoid bad breath after smoking

The easiest way to prevent dental problems and bad breath is by stopping smoking all together. This will begin to change several of the problems that have occurred with bad breath because of smoking. After you quit smoking, the saliva in your mouth is able to move more freely. This will naturally begin to get rid of the extra bacteria that were able to grow in your mouth. The next thing that ... More

how to change ohms on fuel sending unit

Once you open this panel, you will be able to see the fuel sending unit. If you unclip the wiring cluster, you can check to see if the wiring is bad from this unit to the gauge. Connect an ohmmeter to the yellow wire and ground to see if there is a reading. ... More

how to avoid kidney stones during pregnancy

Unlike regular pain and other symptoms involved in regular kidney stones, silent stones never show any sign or symptoms until the kidney function is typically affected. Top simple tips to avoid kidney stones: ... More

how to choose art for office

13/10/2018 · To decorate your office, try bringing in some family photos to make it feel more like home. Additionally, add a few potted plants to the space for a splash of color and to make it feel more natural. If your office furniture is ugly or boring, try covering it with contact paper to give it a new style. For larger walls, display pieces of art that inspire you and are appropriate for your ... More

how to add to favourites on macbook pro

I can add a folder, OK, but can't figure out how to add a single file to the favorites list. View 1 Replies View Related MacBook Pro :: Pictures Folder Deleted / Moved From Favorites Sidebar In Finder ... More

how to call brussels from the us

'There's no limitation from the United States on the ability of Cuba to take these steps. It's up to you.' It's up to you.' Obama's speech was to be the crescendo of of his 48-hour trip to Havana. ... More

how to delete pinterest searches

Find and save ideas about How to delete instagram on Pinterest. See more ideas about Instagram search profile, Gmail sign up login and Gmail hangout. ... More

how to call palestine from uae

Schedule a phone call from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Palestine, TX If you live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and you want to call a friend in Palestine, TX, you can try calling them between 5:00 PM and 9:00 AM your time. ... More

how to delete account on like app

Just deleting the app from your phone and deleting your account isn't enough. There are actually remnants of private data left over that you may not even realize are there. This is why it's important to use software like ... More

how to change system cooling policy windows 10

12/12/2017 · I found a setting in the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Advanced Settings -> Processor power management -> System cooling policy mine was set to On battery: Passive Changed to Active - APPLY. ... More

how to clean a cat& 39

65 Maintenance Section Cooling System Coolant (DEAC) - Change NOTICE Use of commercially available cooling system clean-ers may cause damage to cooling system compo- ... More

how to change fuser drum on c3300

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM305DF Fuser Unit - 50,000 pages. Rating * Name *Email *Review Subject *Comments You May Also Like... Quick view. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM305DF Drum Unit (Transfer Unit) - 20,000 pages ... More

how to cook with bocconcini

Easy Appetizer Recipe: Garlic and Herb Marinated Mozzarella Bites Recipes from The Kitchn (16 ounces) bocconcini or ciliegine, drained (See Recipe Notes) Heat olive oil and garlic in a small sauce pan over medium low heat until bubbling gently. Remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. Stir in herbs, peppercorns, lemon slices, and bay leaf. Add vinegar, red pepper flakes, and ... More

how to delete android tablet virus or trojan

How to Remove a Trojan Virus From Windows 7 Sandra Leone , April 17, 2017 This guide will help you learn how to remove a Trojan virus from Windows 7: It is highly common to download a virus into … ... More

how to train a dragon create a dragon

Create a Storyboard 4. Create an Information Card 4. How to Train Your Dragon By Cressida Cowell Synopsis How to Train Your Dragon is the exciting adventure about Hiccup, the son of a fearsome Viking chief, Stoick the Vast, who is assigned the task of capturing his own baby dragon as a rite of passage. The exercise proves to be somewhat of a nightmare for Hiccup, who manages to capture … ... More

how to create a new gradient illustrator

Making a transparent gradient in Illustrator is pretty simple and can create a nice effect for certain projects. Follow the steps below to make your own transparent gradient. Step One. With a new Illustrator file opened, create a box or whatever shape you would like your final gradient to be. Step Two. Open the Gradient/Transparency palette on your tool bar. Select the shape. With the shape ... More

how to change subject line in outlook 2013

Adding the Time field in Subject Line Using a Custom Form In this article we are taking Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2010 as reference. However such a custom form can be designed in older editions like the Outlook 2003 iteration. ... More

legion how to become battle pet trainer

They have updated the battle pet system a little and now you can see the rarity of a pet whilst you are in battle with it. So once you get into 3v3 pet battles you can decide which one you want to capture if two or so of the enemy pet are the same and of different rarity. ... More

how to draw dave the minion

Minion Sketch Minion Drawing Minion Movie My Minion Minions Bob Minions 2014 Doodle Art Designs Doodle Drawings Drawing Sketches Forward How to Draw Bob the Minion with a Teddy Bear from The Minions Movie 2015 - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials ... More

how to change your google plus account name

How do I change my Google Plus profile picture? Log in to your Google Plus account, then look for the information strip along the top right of the screen: Click on your name and look for the entry “Account Settings”: Select “Account Settings”, then choose “Edit profile” from your “Account overview”, as shown: On the left side of this page, you can see my current profile ... More

how to become a metro bus driver

17/12/2018 The primary responsibility of a bus driver is to safely transport people on a daily basis. In deciding to become a bus driver, a person needs to be detail-oriented, have good eyesight, and be able to remain alert at all times while driving. ... More

how to change laser pointer color

You can easily change the color of Laser pointer displayed using above procedure in Microsoft PowerPoint application. 1. In PowerPoint application, click ‘slideshow’ tab . ... More

how to choose baby formula

1. Ready-to-Use Formula. Open the lid and give it to your child. These are the only two steps needed for this formula. Most of the times, such formulas are used in hospitals where a ... More

how to call us from netherlands

Call the Netherlands - Cheap International Calls to the Netherlands. Now you can call to the Netherlands from the USA, Canada and 19 other countries for only 1.8 Cents per minute during the Triple Promo (you will also get a bonus of up to 1000 Free Minutes) ... More

how to delete data from sas

How to Detect Special Characters and Remove them in SAS Language. How to Detect Special Characters and Remove them in SAS Language. By : Admin_programmer - September 10, 2016. Where are Special Characters Coming From? Here are a Few Examples. You may like the return carriage in an Excel cell to improve the readability of your text. You know this Alt+Enter key ... More

how to become a white person

Many people have “converted” to the Amish religion and in doing so found it very difficult. Here are the reasons why… Here are the reasons why… 1- the language, to live Amish you must be part of a community and church district, in other words a group of other Amish people … ... More

how to download demos on xbox one

It is important to note that you will need an active Xbox Live Gold account to access the demo on Xbox One. Recall that Halo Wars 2 is now already available on Xbox One and Windows 10. ... More

how to connect phone to xbox one to watch movies

4/12/2014 Hey guys do you love showbox? do you have an xbox one? don't you wish you could watch showbox on your xbox one? well now you can all you have to do is watch ... More

how to cook beef stew on the stove

8/03/2005 · Chef's Note “This is a version of beef stew that I sort of combined several recipes from others to come up with. Posting for safekeeping.” ... More

how to download skyrim mods from

One thing that keeps us coming back to Skyrim again and again is the incredible mod support for the game. Ever since it launched, Skyrim has had one of the biggest modding communities in the world. ... More

how to delete 101 message bank

24/03/2017 · I have a VISA Citibank account. I looked Online to find a way to add 2FA and was sent to an 800 number by ‘Online chat’ to talk to the “team” about setting up ‘multi factor authentication. ... More

how to delete a facebook group page

We also withdrew from the air groups posing a threat to an individual or group, or ad products and services. The recurring misuse of Facebook's features could result in deactivation of your account. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page for ... More

how to draw a dragon mouth

We're going to add some detail to the drawing by adding the eyes, mouth and nose. You can draw a big "C" which can serve as the cheek bone. Two drop like ... More

how to add a server on minecraft windows 10 edition

In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, the syntax to show the players that are connected to a server is: /list. List Command in Minecraft Education Edition . In Minecraft Education Edition, the syntax to show the players that are connected to a server is: /list. How to Enter the Command 1. Open the Chat Window. The easiest way to run a command in Minecraft is within the chat window. The game … ... More

how to break a bike chain

11/06/2011 · I just bought a new SRAM single speed chain from the local Trek store for my haro that I just finished restoring. I was able to break the original chain by pulling off the c-clip with a scratch awl, but the chain shattered after riding, so I had to replace it. ... More

how to come out to your parents as transgender

When you come out, your life changes—hopefully for the better, but in some challenging ways, too. The life of a sibling can also change as a result of having a LGBT brother or sister. ... More

how to delete your account on google

Is Google Voice not meeting your verbal communication needs? Did you perhaps want to try a different service like it? Well, we have bad news and good news. ... More

how to cook sliced pork with egg on top

Cook the pork uncovered for about 45 minutes or until fork tender. Remove the pork to a plate. (Set aside the pork stock you have now created and use it for a ramen or noodle soup or for cooking stock later!) ... More

how to add heading feild powerbi data visualisation

December 6th – Free Webinar on Python in Power BI Create a Dynamic Diverging Stacked Bar Chart in Power BI (or Don’t) Re-awarded as a 2018-19 Microsoft Data Platform MVP - in … ... More

how to answer a describe question in history

Writing a Personal History or Family History A guide to conduction a personal history interview. Knowing where you came from and what your family’s story is an invaluable treasure. If you make a point of recording and writing down you family story it is something that can be cherished for generations. These questions focus on the younger and formative years. These questions also … ... More

how to layout the grid buy framework

I would like to display these divs in a table-like grid. It has to be responsive, and all columns should have the same width. It has to be responsive, and all columns should have the same width. For example, when the parent has a 1000px width, and the div with the biggest width is 300px, I want to display 3 columns with a width of 300px each. ... More

how to eat a persimmon skin

The orange skin and flesh of a crisp Fuyu persimmon is a deliciously gorgeous addition to cheese and dessert platters this autumn. How to select the perfect persimmon Look for a vibrant orange colour that is consistent from the base to the calyx. ... More

win 10 how to change default programs

21/07/2011 · A default program is the program that Windows 7 uses when you open a particular type of file extension. This will show you how to set a program as the default for selected or all file types and protocols it can open. ... More

how to cook rainbow trout on the bbq

Instructions. Clean the fish thoroughly. You may cook the fish whole, as pictured, but if desired, remove heads and butterfly the trout. Melt butter and combine in a small bowl with parsley, salt and onion. ... More

how to call a form when stopping a class

Killing Processes From a Windows Form Application in C# This article provides you a simple example of how to use the System.Diagnostics.Process library to display a list of running processes, and to select and kill processes by their process name and ID. ... More

how to become good at endurance walking

14/07/2016 A 30 minute ride is not a good test of the horse's potential for endurance----you could not have covered the normal 25 miles of a LD ride in a variety of terrain. Most endurance rides are ridden at a trot or the horse's intermediate gait for those that are gaited. The gallop is reserved for the last leg of the ride if the rider is going for time placing. ... More

how to change background picture on macbook air

Each filter will automatically adjust foreground and background settings to optimize the focal point of the image on the face, not on the background. User-created filters with depth settings also ... More

how to change led downlight transformer

If each fitting has its own transformer, replace with 12v LED and replace the transformer with an LED driver. Old wire wound halogen transformers are better suited to take the low wattage required ... More

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how to drive him crazy in bed yahoo answers

6/12/2007 i like to tease my b/f to the max b4 hand. to really make him pounce on me persay. try tickling him lightly with your fingernails of fingertips (if ur daring enough, your tongue).

how to add coupon to my etsy

Browse unique items from MARIAELA on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods How do i add a coupon code to my etsy shop. How do i add a coupon code to my etsy shop

how to clean mold off wood deck

On the other hand, a pressure washer can remove deep rooted dirt, mildew, mold and every other kind of mess with ease. It takes less effort and leaves a much cleaner looking deck. It takes less effort and leaves a much cleaner looking deck.

how to clean and sanitize a bed mattress

When To Have Your Mattress Cleaned? Cleaning your mattress every six months to one year is a great way to maintain it in top condition. Common accidents such as stains, odors, water damage, and bed bugs may require immediate attention.

how to build a photography business

How To Build A Photography Business. You want to live on own your own terms in 2018. The concept of doing what you love for a living sounds amazing.

how to delete snapchat chats forever

How to delete a message in Snapchat. 1. Open Snapchat. 2. Swipe right across the screen to access the Friends page . 3. Tap on the Chat column. 4. Tap and hold on the message that you have already

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